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The Role of the Group Central Service Delegate – AA Victoria

Next Delegate Meeting will be at 2pm Sunday, 19th May 2024. This will be a zoom meeting only. Details to follow.

Serving as a Group Central Service Delegate to your AA Central Service Office Victoria offers you a rewarding opportunity to share in Alcoholics Anonymous’ Third Legacy which is service.

Here’s How it Works

The Central Service Delegate is selected by the group. The Delegate then attends quarterly meetings called by the Central Service Committee as prescribed in the Plan of Procedure. To these meetings he or she brings any suggestions, opinions or comments the group may have.
The Central Service Delegate or alternate has one vote on all matters requiring a group conscience decision. Proposals are either dealt with directly at Delegates meetings or referred to the Central Service Committee or a specially convened Sub-Committee for action.
The whole purpose of the Group Central Service Delegate is to be a link in a chain connecting the AA group to the operations of Central Service Office. The Delegates participation allows Central Service Office to better serve its members, the affiliated groups, the newcomer, members of the public and healthcare professionals.
The reason for the existence of the Central Service Office with all of its trusted servants is provided in the 9th Tradition, which says “AA as such, ought never be organised; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.” The Victorian Central Service Committee, the staff of the Central Service Office, and all volunteers serve under this tradition and with the guidance of Step 12.
Attendance at the quarterly Delegates Meetings which are held on a Sunday in February, May, August and November, is important for every group to have a voice regarding the activities of the Central Service Office.
Annually in November, in keeping with AA’s spirit of rotation, delegates participate in the election of half of the Central Service Committee who rotate off their portfolio in accordance with the Plan of Procedure. Each Group Delegate is eligible for election.
As a Central Service Committee member, the Delegate may be elected as vice-chairperson for a period of one year leading to chairperson for a further one year. All Committee members are responsible for a portfolio in service such as: Events, Archives, Correctional Facilities, Hospitals, Regional Liaison and more.
Members of the Central Service Committee have one vote on all matters pertaining to the operations of the Central Service Office at their monthly committee meetings.
Terms for Central Service Committee members begin at the first Central Service Committee meeting held after the November elections.

You – The New Group Central Service Delegate

There are a number of things you can do to be a better and more trusted servant of your group and AA as a whole.

Attend Delegates Meetings
These quarterly business meetings are open to any AA member to observe. You can better serve the members of your group and fellow Delegates by being at as many meetings as possible. Regular attendance will make you a wiser voter while you serve at the meetings. Remember some Delegates from regional areas travel a long way to attend the delegates meetings. It is also possible to attend the Delegates Meetings via Zoom. Details are sent out to registered Delegates prior to each meeting.

Encourage Attendance

All delegate meetings need a quorum which consists of the number of Delegates that equals or exceeds one third of the total of Affiliated Groups in the Metropolitan Area. Therefore to be effective, they should be well attended. You can help make this possible by suggesting ideas which can build enthusiasm in your group. For example a Delegate may wish to host a workshop prior to the commencement of a Delegates meeting. In this instance the Delegate would contact Central Service Office to enable this to happen.

Inform Your Group

Arrange with the Group Secretary for a few minutes regularly at your group conscience to inform members with up to date information about what is happening within AA Victoria as a whole.

Know the Principles of AA

Through the Central Service Office, all members of AA in the Southern Region are involved in keeping the AA program healthy and active in our locality. Operations continue under the principles contained in our 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts. You can help keep our 12 Step work and administration of AA effective by practising the 36 Principles in all our service work.

Know the AA Literature

You will be better able to serve your group, to answer questions, and to make recommendations if you are familiar with the contents of most, if not all, of the pamphlets and books now available. For example did you know that all of Bill Wilson’s writings from the Grapevine are in one book known as The Language of the Heart. In fact many pamphlets contain excerpts directly from this book. Call Central Service Office on (03) 9429 1833 to get a copy. The healing spirit of AA is written in these pages.

Sign Up Volunteers

Since your responsibility as a Delegate brings you face to face with AA’s overall activities in the Southern Region, you could encourage members of your group to get involved with the 12 Step activities at Central Service Office. These include:
• Answering phones on the 24 hour help line
• Speaking at Non- AA organisations
• Speaking on rostered commitments at hospitals
• Speaking on rostered commitments at Correctional Facilities
• Being listed in the 12 Step register to assist a newcomer
• Being a part of sub-committees of portfolios led by the Central Service Committee Members
There is always room for volunteer AA members to assist with tasks at the Central Service Office during business hours.
Experience shows that the effectiveness of the Victorian Central Service Office is contingent on three things; it needs the groups and members support morally, physically and financially to sustain it’s function.
Group and personal donations can be made to Central Service Office utilising the following details and referencing your group/name:
BSB: 063 165

Keeping Current

Make sure that details of your Group’s meetings (time, day and address) are up-to-date at the Central Service Office. Please provide the office with details of your groups office bearers. A registration/update form is readily available at the office and online www.aavictoria.org.au
You can help by providing the Central Service Office regularly with your Group’s notices and events for publication. The Central Service Office circulates both electronically and in hard copy a lot of information about AA events and what’s happening in your area.