General Information

There are 2 main types of meetings in Victoria, in-person and online. Check with the meeting information and if you wish you can contact the group if a contact number is given. Many in-person meetings require double vaccination status. This requirement is often a condition placed on the meeting by the venue.

Many groups have created online meetings using a software program called ‘Zoom’. These allow members to share in a group setting and see and hear each other. Note that you can participate without showing your face if you so wish.

Please be aware that a Zoom meeting is a public meeting in a similar way to a physical AA meeting. We suggest that you share in a general way only. Sensitive and personal issues should only be shared with a trusted sponsor or friend. The organisers of most Zoom meetings will have attempted to make them as secure as possible. We suggest that to stay anonymous that your choose a special Zoom meeting name for yourself and don’t use your full name.

Click here for more on Anonymity Online