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This website displays up-to-date meeting information sourced from the Australian National AA Meeting database. Instructions for reporting changes are on this page on the Australian National AA Meeting website.

General Information

There are 2 main types of meetings in Victoria, in-person and online. Check with the meeting information and if you wish you can contact the group if a contact number is given.

In-person meetings are held in community centres or church halls. They vary in size and format. The basic format is that there is a chairperson who calls people to speak. No one is obliged to speak if they do not want to. The person who speaks talks in a general way about what their drinking was like, how or why they decided to go to AA and what their life is like now. In AA this is called sharing. If the meeting is a topic or discussion group then the sharing may be on a particular aspect of recovery. Cross talk is strongly discouraged, people wait their turn to be called. If you are a newcomer we suggest that you listen and maybe not share for a while. We listen for the similarities with our own experiences in people’s stories. At the end of the meeting there is an opportunity to talk to other attendees and ask questions. No records are kept and first names are sufficient. Some Groups discuss parts of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is a text describing how the program of AA works and also has stories of recovery.

Many groups have created online meetings using a software program called ‘Zoom’. These allow members to share in a group setting and see and hear each other. Note that you can participate without showing your face if you so wish.

Please be aware that a Zoom meeting is a public meeting in a similar way to a physical AA meeting. We suggest that you share in a general way only. Sensitive and personal issues should only be shared with a trusted sponsor or friend. The organisers of most Zoom meetings will have attempted to make them as secure as possible. We suggest that to stay anonymous that your choose a special Zoom meeting name for yourself and don’t use your full name.