Prison Literature Fund

Alcoholics Anonymous Victoria Central Service Office (CSO) serves the needs of Melbourne
and regional Victoria on behalf of the affiliated Groups.

The Prison Literature Fund is a well established Fund set up to serve the needs of those with
drinking problems who need AA’s help in Victorian correctional facilities. Prison Roster
Co-ordinators and members serving/running AA meetings in these institutions need access
to literature for the attendees.

A Message from a member in prison………

“I am a grateful, recovering alcoholic, and an inmate in a State correctional institution.
We have a really good Wednesday evening AA Meeting here in the prison. I am serving a
sentence of 25 – 50 years (25 years mandatory) as a direct result of my addiction to alcohol
and other substances. I have been in more than 13 years, and I’ve been sober and going to
meetings ever since.

In the prison where I did the first 8 years of my sentence, before I got transferred, it
was almost as easy to maintain an alcohol or drug habit as it is on the outside. But the
Fellowship helped me – not only to stay sober, but to change and mature, to begin to
develop into the kind of person that my Higher Power intended me to be in the first place. I
am more grateful than words can express.

I try to stay involved in AA by serving whenever called upon in a number of capacities. I like
working in the background and sponsoring guys. I have witnessed miracles happen in the
lives of men whose families, the “system”, and even the men themselves have given up on.

Hardly anyone I know wants to be in prison, yet many guys sincerely working the
programme have admitted to being “rescued” by coming to prison. Like it or not, this is
where we find ourselves, doing sentences from months to life-times.

Those who are fortunate enough to land in a seat in AA are some of the luckiest people
on the planet – inside or outside of prison. Because, for those who want it, in AA lives are
salvaged. There is a healing of mind, body and spirit that you would be hard pressed to find
anywhere else on earth. For those who want it, miracles await…..

Reprinted with permission AA World Services Inc.

TRADITION 7: Every AA Group ought to be fully self supporting, declining outside contributions.”
If you are an AA member and you wish to financially support this fund, please contact us on 9429 1833

To make contributions by direct transfer use following bank details:

AA Victoria

BSB 063 165

Account 10497345

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