General Information

At this time physical AA meetings in certain areas may no longer be operating. Please check with your group.

While this situation continues members can support each other and newcomers by using the phone and the various available messaging applications that can be used on phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Many groups have created online meetings using a software program called ‘Zoom’. These allow members to share in a group setting and see and hear each other. Note that you can participate without showing your face if you so wish.

Please be aware that a Zoom meeting is a public meeting in a similar way to a physical AA meeting. We suggest that you share in a general way only. Sensitive and personal issues should only be shared with a trusted sponsor or friend. The organisers of most Zoom meetings will have attempted to make them as secure as possible. We suggest that to stay anonymous that your choose a special Zoom meeting name for yourself and don’t use your full name.

Click here for more on Anonymity Online