Workers Health

Alcoholism in the Workplace

Many organisations – corporations, unions and governmental departments, etc – have
established workplace programs to work with employees whose alcohol problems have
affected their job performance and their families. The corporate sector have become
increasingly aware of the illness of alcoholism and its high financial and human costs, and
recognise the benefits of helping their employees.

How Can AA Help?

Alcoholics Anonymous can make available to management, welfare workers, human
resources and employee assistance programmes the cumulative experience of more than
two million recovered alcoholics now living comfortable and productive lives without

AA can help organisations be in touch with members of AA, male and female, who have
achieved sobriety, and are willing to share their experience freely with anyone who seeks

The AA Fellowship is non professional and available at no cost; its primary purpose is the
personal recovery and continued sobriety of those alcoholics who turn to it for help. The AA approach is based on the ability of recovered alcoholics to help those who are still drinking.

If you would like further information about Alcoholics Anonymous please contact the Victorian Central Service Office.

If you are a professional and would like an information pack please provide your postal address.